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  • Prodej plastového potrubí, tvarovek a armatur z PVC-U, PVC-C, ABS, PP-H, PP-R, PE, PB, PVDF, PFA a litiny.
  • Prodej plastového potrubí, tvarovek a armatur z PVC-U, PVC-C, PP-H, PE, PVDF, PB a ABS.

Filtr 305-306

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Filtr 305-306

To protect valves, sensors and pumps from pollutants, we recommend the use of Strainers Type 305. This ensures reliable operation and extended service life for your components.

The broad product range includes different materials, end connectors, and standards, suiting a large variety of applications

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Fields of Application:

  • Chemical Process Industry
  • Water Treatment
  • Cooling processes


  • all parts in contact with the medium are manufactured of highly resistant thermoplastics
  • radial removable (PP-H)
  • easy dismantling to clean or replace the screen


  • PVC-U/PP-H Screen hole diameter 0,5 - 2,2 mm
  • stainless steel screen mesh size 0,5 mm


  • Type 305
  • Type 306

Standards: ISO, JIS

Technická specifikace

Range: d20DN15 - d63DN50 (PVC-U up to d90DN80)
Materials: PVC-U, PVC-C, ABS, PP-H, PVC-U transparent
Seals: EPDM and FPM
Nominal pressure: PN 10

Connections: solvent cement sockets, solvent cement spigots, fusion sockets

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