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  • Prodej plastového potrubí, tvarovek a armatur z PVC-U, PVC-C, ABS, PP-H, PP-R, PE, PB, PVDF, PFA a litiny.
  • Prodej plastového potrubí, tvarovek a armatur z PVC-U, PVC-C, PP-H, PE, PVDF, PB a ABS.

Předzesilovač 2721

Předzesilovač 2721
Předzesilovač 2721

Pre-amplification is required to protect the output signal of pH & ORP electrodes from a wide variety of electromagnetic interferences common in industrial environments. Signet 2721 is used if remote pre-amplification is required (e.g. tank temperature > 80 deg C) or connecting another manufacturer’s electrode to the Signet 5700 or 8750 instrument. The 2721 should be used with special order sensors built with cables (Signet models 277X-HT or 277X-1-HT).

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Specifikace Předzesilovač 2721

Fields of Application:

  • Design allows quick connect/disconnect of sensors
  • Pre-amplification for submersible and in-line installations
  • Unbreakable CPVC body
  • Designed for use with Signet pH & ORP Electrodes to assure signal integrity up to 120 m. (400 ft)


  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Neutralization Systems
  • Scrubber Control
  • Effluent Monitoring
  • Surface Finishing
  • Flocculent Coagulation
  • Heavy Metal Removal and Recovery
  • Toxics Destruction
  • Sanitization Systems

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