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  • Prodej plastového potrubí, tvarovek a armatur z PVC-U, PVC-C, ABS, PP-H, PP-R, PE, PB, PVDF, PFA a litiny.
  • Prodej plastového potrubí, tvarovek a armatur z PVC-U, PVC-C, PP-H, PE, PVDF, PB a ABS.



COOL-FIT is a complete system solution for secondary cooling and refrigeration piping systems.

The system is based on the tried and tested ABS plastic system from GF Piping Systems which contains pipe fittings valves and transition fittings, now with the option for preinsulated pipe and fittings with outer jackets in black.

You can adapt the system solution to your particular needs. For example white preinsulated for food production halls or standard plastic pipe with control valves for pump houses or OEM chillers.

The system is water and vapour tight. Ideal for the transportation of chilled water, iced water, salt solutions, glycol solutions and organic salt solutions.

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Specifikace COOL-FIT

Fields of Application:

  • pharmaceutical industry
  • meat processing
  • dairies
  • brewery
  • fish processing
  • supermarkets
  • air conditioning
  • industrial cold/iced water


  • no corrosion
  • top efficiency = 0.026 W/m.K
  • reduced costs for pipe hanging
  • 25 year life span
  • simple clever installation
  • reliable technique
  • hygienic and aesthetically pleasing

Technická specifikace COOL-FIT

Range: 25/90 to 225/315
Standards: ISO DIN
Nominal pressure: PN 10
Nominal working temperature: -50 °C to +40 °C

Materials: ABS, PE, PUR

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