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  • Prodej plastového potrubí, tvarovek a armatur z PVC-U, PVC-C, ABS, PP-H, PP-R, PE, PB, PVDF, PFA a litiny.
  • Prodej plastového potrubí, tvarovek a armatur z PVC-U, PVC-C, PP-H, PE, PVDF, PB a ABS.

Multi/Joint 3000 Plus

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Multi/Joint 3000 Plus

Overcoming any pipe connection problem in water and gas systems.

Saving precious installation time and costs for thrust blocks. Reducing stocks and last but not least, increasing the quality of the connection and the reliability of your system.

That is what we offer you with our MULTI/JOINT 3000 Plus system for pipe sizes from DN50 up to and including DN300.

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Specifikace Multi/Joint 3000 Plus

Fields of Application:

  • water & gas distribution lines
  • transport lines
  • service lines
  • hydrants
  • pump stations
  • maintenance & repair


  • complete program
  • reduce installation time
  • environmen-friendly
  • save time in ordering and warehouse handling
  • increase reliability
  • reduce stock

Technická specifikace Multi/Joint 3000 Plus

For details of our wide product range please refer to our online catalog.

Body and Clamp ring: GGG45
Fiksers: Stainless steel A4
Bolts, Nuts, Washers: Stainless steel A2

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